Frequently Asked Questions

where are some indian reservations

how do indian reservations make money

Money for tribe's come in a couple different ways; dividends or gambling revenues. Dividends can come from the government to be distributed to tribes and their members based on the tribes history with government. They can receive compensation for land disputes or things like land rights.

what indian reservations can you visit in arizona

Ak-Chin Indian Community. Cocopah Indian Tribe. Colorado River Indian Tribes. Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. Fort Mojave Indian Tribe. Fort Yuma-Quechan Tribe. Gila River Indian Community. Havasupai Tribe. Navajo Nation. ... Tohono O'odham Nation. ... San Carlos Apache Reservation. ... White Mountain Apache Tribe. ... Hopi Tribe. ... Hualapai Tribe. ... Gila River Indian Community. ... Colorado River Indian Tribes.

are indian reservations safe to visit

Call ahead to the tribal government office to understand if and where visitors are welcome. This way, you can avoid any unexpected common travel mishaps on your journey. When visiting any reservation, you are considered a guest and should respect the privacy of the people who live there and follow the local laws.